NEACAC Members Join NACAC Board of Directors

Congratulations to NEACAC Past President Bob Bardwell on his election to the NACAC Board of Directors!  NEACAC had a very strong presence in the 2016 NACAC election for Board of Director vacancies in Columbus, OH.  Bob Bardwell, School Counselor and Director of School Counseling at Monson High School (Monson, MA) was one of five candidates looking to fill three seats on the Board of Directors. Deb Johns, Associate Director of Admission at Yale University, was also one of two candidates for President-elect.

In a separate election, the Affiliates Presidents Council elected Sherri Geller (NEACAC President) to serve as the Council's Coordinator-elect.  In 2017-18, Sherri will join the NACAC Board of Directors for one year as Council Coordinator, representing the interests of the presidents and presidents-elect of NACAC's 23 affiliates.

Bob, Deb, and Sherri you make NEACAC proud!